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Hey Friends! Guess what!? There’s a new website, new blog design, new content, new everything!!! Just follow me, and I’ll take you over there to the new design!





Oh hey there!

It’s been over a year since my last post and so much has changed in our life since then! I thought it would be nice to re-introduce myself, share a little about what I do + give a little peek into my studio / workspace.

My name is Kristin and I’m the mama of the two little munchkins you’ll probably see here all the time.  Our oldest is about to turn 4, is extremely extroverted & loves to wear her princess dress + batman mask basically EVERY day. Our youngest is 1.5, is a deep thinker / observer, yet will stop at nothing for a chance to shake her little booty to any beat. (the rhythm of the washer can get this girl moving. no lie!)

Kristin Robbins - Tyger Alexis

I’m married to a really attractive + creative man, and together last November, we re-launched Tyger Alexis as a brand specializing in apparel + teethers + decor + toys for modern families!!

I say RE-launch beause, for many years TA was a freelance women’s clothing brand based in Raleigh NC. I specialized mainly in custom, one off, edgy ready-to-wear garments & had fun with experimental pieces for the runaway. But with two little’s eating up every moment of your time + energy, keeping up became ALMOST impossible. I’ll get the the ‘almost’ in just a sec!

Now for a little background! My mom taught me how to hand sew clothing for all my barbies and stuffed animals when I was about 4 years old after she realized I drew outfits for her to wear almost every day! Then as a teen I would constantly shop vintage & alter or totally repurpose the clothing, further learning the ins and outs of clothing construction. And in 2005, I was blessed to have spent some serious time in Paris studying design, working runway shows and eating lots of Nutella crepes. #nutellaislife

All that to say, I have been creating since I can remember and love it more than most things. Even Nutella! But never more than my sweet little tribe.
So here we are, many years later, I’m a new mom, worn out, tired and feeling I will never get my groove back. Not wanting to change a thing as far as being a mama goes, but also not wanting to sacrifice my creative self. I felt so bummed that I may have to wait, or worse, completely miss out on all my dreams. Any other creative mama’s out there relate?

But one day, as I was feeling a little self defeated, these words whispered so gently to my spirit, hit me so hard in my heart! 👊🏽💥❤️

“I have given you your dreams and everything you need to accomplish them. You don’t have to give up, just do it differently.”

And there you have it! I felt alive and inspired again, realizing I, in fact, had EVERYTHING I needed to continue creating under one roof & and wrapped up in our little family! A wood crafting husband, two adorable muses & the empowerment of motherhood to be a #momboss making TA a killer children’s lifestyle brand!

Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces

So here’s to motherhood, to dreams being resurrected & to slaying in 2017!! I just want to encourage your beautiful, powerful creatives out there – Whatever is holding you back from your dreams, be it a current job situation, finances, the hood (motherhood to be exact) or even YOURSELF – Say ‘NO MORE!’. You are capable, you CAN do it, you DO have the tools necessary! Sometimes you just need a paradigm shift to see the possibilities. It may take a different shape than what you originally planned, but ALL things work for the good. Just jump.

I did. And it feels so good to finally learn to fly.


Bando 2017 Planner - Tyger Alexis

Kristin Robbins - Tyger Alexis Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces img_1558


I’m not sure when it started, but I am head over heels in love with Fall!!

The gorgeous colors, the cool breezes, the disappearance of mosquitos – Need I say more?

Seems like the transitions in seasons get more and more exciting when you have little ones. Maybe because you are forced to really appreciate and celebrate in a way that you would otherwise just experience, well, more grown up if you will. There is a sweet remembrance when you are seeing through the eyes of a toddler experiencing these things for the first time.

pumpkin patch

We had the best day ever watching Willow truly take in all that fall has to offer as we visited Hillridge Farms over the weekend. She rode a horse, had her first hayride, and spent some serious time picking out the perfect pumpkin! We were there for 5 hours and STILL she pleaded for more. “We come back-anoder day!” she said over and over (and over) again as we made our way back to the car. It was as if she was consoling her sweet, overtired little self that the fun, although over for now, would be waiting for her to come back soon. And to tell the truth, I felt the same.

Hillridge Farms

billy goat

Hillridge Farms Slide

Hillridge Farms Slide

Hillridge Farms Rabbits

Hillridge Farms pumpkin patch

Hillridge Farms pumpkin patch

Hillridge Farms pumpkin patch

Hillridge Farms hay tunnel

Hillridge Farms train

Baby Torah was sweet as pie. Smiling with her eyes locked on her big sister at all times. I can’t wait to come back when they both can fully enjoy this place.

It was a perfect day. You have won our hearts Fall! Feel free to stick around for a while. Because Winter, just, ew.



Oh Saturday’s, how we love you! Honestly, who doesn’t love this day of the week? 

Early summer we decided to close the guitar shop down for the weekends and I can say it was the BEST thing we could have ever done for our family and even for the business. Who knew?

This day of rest has become our absolute favorite day of the week. This one was especially grand! 

We took a long walk around our neighborhood and gazed at our favorite old homes. Visited our local bakery, Yellow Dog Bread Company, and had an amazingly delicious breakfast. Took a tour of the ever growing urban farm right here in downtown! And finished off with artisan chocolates and coffee from Escazu

This day was too good to be true. And now, for a nap!  



Fresh eggs, cute animals, fire pits and tire swings. It is a huge dream of my husband and I to have tons of land for all our family and friends to live on, to grow our own food, have space to run, play and be free. Community and authentic relationships are part of a quality life! I feel like we are getting closer and closer to that lifestyle and get giddy just thinking about it. But for now, we’ll enjoy the perks of other sweet friends and their beautiful farms!

One of which is the adorable Blue Whistler Farm! We spent the day at their yearly harvest festival and had the time of our lives! Located in Durham NC, you can get your (truly) free range non-gmo eggs, pasture raised pork, turkey and chicken & produce galore. Owned and operated by the sweetest couple, it is really something special to see.

It’s time we get back to knowing where our food comes from, how it is raised, treated & fed, and support those local farmers! What you put in your body is also a huge part of a quality life. Making good choices now will only benefit you in the long run.

But enough about all that! Willow was in a wonder world of her own as we ran around meeting all the animals. We pet rabbits, sat by the fire pit watching dinner cook on open flame and ate our fair share of honey sticks from the happy bees buzzing the next hill over.

 One day we will find you sweet farm of ours! Until then, we will dream of you and hope we meet soon.



I took the girls out for their first ever, day at the state fair! Call me brave or call me crazy, but it was actually quite fun!  It wasn’t so bad as I was meeting my sister and her family there too. Well, never mind, it actually was pretty tough maneuvering two RV sized double strollers through the densely packed crowds of strangers who apparently lose all capability of “kindly stepping to one side” upon paying the entrance fee. But nothing a deep-fried snickers bar couldn’t fix! 

Five hours and two tired legs later I am considering inventing an adult sized stroller – Or just investing in a hover round. But it was all so worth it to see the wonder and excitement of it all in the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old hyped up on funnel cake and fries. (Don’t worry guys, I kept it real with a blackbean burger as the main course. Don’t get it twisted.) I’m actually in the middle of a completely raw and vegan 21 day cleanse and thought it a good idea to splurge on this “special day”….yeah, no. More on that in another post! 

All in all, we had great fun. Passed on the deep fried stick of butter and pig in a cup, but said yes to defying death on a few rides and breastfeeding in public! Win!





// THE NOW //

I was the little girl who day dreamt about her future constantly. “What would my husband look like? I hope he’s hot…When will we meet? Where will we live?? How many kids will we have??? What will I turn out to be when I grow up?!?”

I couldn’t wait to get older, be something awesome and marry. Swapping my maiden name, Clendinen (see, you had some trouble there didn’t you? So did every. Single…well, every single person I’ve ever know really!) for a newer, easier to pronounce last name was my ultimate goal. – Although, now I honestly do miss my original last name. When you say it right, it is actually quite unique and lovely to say. Clen-den-in. Not Clend-inen or Clendol-in. Yep, I’ve gotten Clen-denul-lin too.

Have you ever noticed how people love to just make sounds up if they can’t figure something out?? “No I did not notice the extra syllables and/or consonants you so kindly mumbled into my heritage.” Ahh the good ole days!

And now, here I am. Blessed with a gorgeous and gentle man, about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, living in NC with two incredible and absolutely edible daughters, and a simple last name! If I could give younger me a heads up about her future, I would say: “You won’t believe it if you knew it or how you get to it, but you will absolutely love everything about it!”

Life never turns out how you hope or expect. It’s full of dips and dives, plot twists and turns. But the beauty is that we never truly know what is just around the bend. I have come to love the mystery of the future and relish in the present. The present is all that is certain. And in the present I have been given, I am certainly fulfilled.